is fertile and generous.

Here Nature smiled upon us centuries ago. Since then its gifts have never been lacking.
This is why we are in one of the most famous Italian wine regions in the world.



Monferrato consists of clay soils with limestone foundations.
This type of soil, which determines the quality of the crops, is ideal for a Barbera vine.
We speak of terroir, that is a defined area where the natural, physical, chemical and climatic conditions allow for the realization of a specific and recognizable wine, thanks to the special aromatic and organoleptic characteristics of its territoriality.


Barbera is the red berried grape typical of Monferrato and is the most cultivated type in the whole of Piedmont and the most widespread in Italy.
It is a native quality and has obtained the DOC recognition (protected designation of origin PDO).
The Cortese vine, also typical and a native Piedmontese, is instead a white berry and always gives wines of exquisite quality, fresh and balanced.


Our vines are grown using the Guyot system, as per Piedmontese tradition. This type of pruning allows you to adjust the amount of grapes produced on each plant and therefore to also control its quality. In fact, overproduction would mean excessive strain on the plant, which would affect the quality and flavour of the grapes, as well as their ripeness. The same DOC (PDO) regulates the maximum yield per hectare, always safeguarding the excellence of the fruit and wines.


It’s not only climate, terrain, geography: the terroir philosophy also involves the people who put their hands and heart into the different stages of cultivation and harvesting.
It takes effort and dedication, as in all things. You need passion for wine.


Hic et Nunc, a passion for drinking well.
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