“We wanted to make wine and we wanted to do it here, to enclose in a bottle the sea
that bathed Monferrato thousands of years ago and which still hasn’t completely left us.


Today it is a different sea: it is a red and white sea, with endless hues,
it is a sea of history and tradition that inspires the vineyards, the homes, the sunsets intertwined with the hills.


It is a sea of passion, for wine and for life”.


Massimo Rosolen



In 2014 the Rosolen family found in Vignale Monferrato the ideal place to fulfil the dream of two generations of entrepreneurs: making wine.

At Vignale Monferrato, among vineyards and fruit trees, they rediscovered a secret Piedmont, far from clamour and trends because it has always been the owner of a certain style, its own.
Let’s talk about Monferrato, the land of wines and a historical-geographical region that became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, and which is proudly revealing its authentic beauty to the world.

A precious secret

The ancient farming traditions are still very much alive thanks to a symbiosis between man and nature and a secular wine culture; for a long time wine has been the source of a sustenance which is so precious to the point of being kept in the typical hand-carved underground cellars, the so called infernòt, together with the secrets of this art that have been passed down through the generations.


Monferrato, a land of memories

5 million years ago the sea bordered the Alps and the Apennines, and it was here that the warm Piedmontese sea was formed, dominated by some islets, including our own Basso Monferrato.
Throughout the ages Piedmont has taken its present form and the waters hid their treasures in the earth, salt sediments that gave an unmistakable salty flavour to the green hills of Monferrato.

Here we are in modern day Monferrato between the sea and the mountains, and it’s thanks to this that it is caressed by a temperate climate. It is no coincidence that we are in Vignale Monferrato where the magical 45th parallel passes, an ideal latitude for the world’s greatest wines.

A unique,
charming hill

Bacchus amat colles“, Bacchus loves the hills, wrote Virgilio.
And like him other renowned Latins also wrote about the viticulture, queen of cultivations in Italy, about numerous vines and viticulture varieties.
That is about a treasure, even then, of biodiversity.

Italy and Monferrato appear in our minds as a continuous expanse of gentle hills, painted by Renaissance artists, chasing and playing with perspectives and depths, with the air of winter or the clouds of spring.
With the seasons, their rhythm and fruits.


the vineyards

The winery‘s structure, which takes shape piece by piece, wants to be like the whole Hic et Nunc project: an open book to be written and reread together, a story that develops in full.

Guests will find themselves sheltered by the natural amphitheatre that is our valley, the Fons Salera.
The winery will be its stage, developed on many levels and dimensions, all open and connected to each other.
From inside to outside, from top to bottom, it’s like you are in and part of the earth, guardians at the vinification of our grapes, which is rigorously carried out within view.


Hic et Nunc, a passion for drinking well.
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